Herrick Library

Hi everybody!

Come check out our Zine of Herrick Memorial Library!

Leave a comment below about what you liked, critiques on what could be better, or just leaving a smiley face to let us know you read would be much appreciated 🙂


12 thoughts on “Herrick Library

  1. 😁 Story about technology is very true but I think a lot of people like me love to hold a good book…some of the small stories were hard to read the handwriting but nice illustrations


  2. Loved it 😀 I’m like General Patton… I could never find a library as a youngster and missed out on a lot of things. Still can’t find a library but I buy a lot of books 📚 now and don’t have to worry about returning them 🧐. Keep the good work up can’t wait till the next Rinny storey. Love you Shannon

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  3. That was really very good and thought invoking. There is nothing like going to a library and holding a book while you read. One of my fondest memories as a child was the once a week book mobile that used to come to my neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.


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